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June 2008

Vita-Mix more than a Blender! Great for those with Allergies.

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I purchased a Vita-Mixer at Sam’s Club a couple years ago and it was well worth every penny. The power of the motor and the tamper that allows you to push the items down makes it easy to place ice and flavoring in to make ice cream in minutes. I’ve broken other blenders trying to do this.

If you’re looking for a stylish version of the Vita-Mixer go to their website and purchase it online. All of the models sold in the warehouses are discounted but very plain looking.

— have allergies —–

Vita-Mix is a perfect kitchen companion. You can make up all kinds of recipes to accommodate your allergies.

Potato Ice Cream (Dairy Free)
1 Cup Ice,
TBSP Vance’s potato milk (dairy free),
TBSP cocoa powder, and 1/2 TBSP xylitol

I have many alternative recipes for allergy sufferers. If you are interested in more allergy resources, let me know.

Professional Networking

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If you haven’t signed up for a Linked In account – get going. It’s a great way to have your professional profile out there without having to feel like you are looking for a job (as one might post on Monster). It is also a great tool for keeping in contact with other professionals that you know, allowing you to see who they know – further facilitating the networking aspect. Getting a reference from co-workers, direct reports, superiors, clients, and business partners is easy and a great way to boost your reputation. Easy to use – Check it out – Get networking!

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Mac Keystrokes for Various Accented Characters

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I found a great download that gives you a quick reference page for Mac Glyphs: Accented Characters. Having need this numerous times, I did some searching and was pleased to find this valuable resource.

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